• Actress - Jane Seymour at Pre-Oscar Party

    A look at Tony Forte's custom FilmFunds.com brand design and marketing at the Pre-Oscar Party 2012

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    Original User Interface and Branding created for FilmFunds.com
    Web Interface
    FilmFunds Logo

  • TFVC takes on Indie Film DVD Packaging

    Awarding Winning Independent Films!

    "Must Read After My Death"
    Apple Trailer
    Filmmaker Morgan Dews was very close to his grandmother Allis, but it wasn’t until after her death in 2001 that he became aware of an astounding archive she’d amassed throughout the 1960s. Filled with startlingly intimate and candid audio recordings detailing her family’s increasingly turbulent lives, the collection also contained hundreds of silent home movies, photographs and written journals. Using only these found materials, Dews has fashioned a searing family portrait that affords fly-on-the-wall access to one family’s struggles amid an America on the verge of dramatic transformation.

    "Year of the Fish"
    Apple Trailer
    An animated independent feature film written and directed by David Kaplan, shot entirely on location in New York City’s Chinatown. A modern-day adaptation of Cinderella based on an old Chinese version of the story, it was shot on inexpensive live-action video that was used as a guide for digital painting in post-production.

  • Tony Forte miniview on Roadside Scholar

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