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TForte Visual Communication & Design
Immersed in the innate culture of visual art and design, Senior Designer & Production Artist Tony Forte describes the energy and artistic ferment that he captured while just a young kid growing up in North Jersey. "I was constantly doodling," he recalls. "I was drawing on everything from napkins to school notices I was supposed to give to my mother!” He was fascinated by the pop culture and the avant-garde styling that emerged at a rapid pace during his youth, which was weaved throughout his artwork. Turning his attention to graphic art and finally to design, it was at this time, and in these surroundings, that he began working on branding and identity design for a lucrative skateboarding company. “I was always fascinated with t-shirts, and the different art concepts that are created on them,” Forte marvels. “To have my work on a shirt or even a black-and-white piece of paper is a personal fulfillment.” This project would come to have a lasting impact on his art and personal philosophy. Presently, Forte’s self-proclaimed mission is "to fabricate mixed media concepts, from all different raw materials.” His work demonstrates that imagination and originality, rather than formal technique and training, are the key factors to his creative method.